Anti-wrinkle aftercare

48 Hours before treatment:

  • Avoid excessive alcohol and blood thinners and medication such as ibuprofen

Treatment aftercare:

At NK Aesthetics Clinic a thorough medical consultation will be carried out prior to all treatments as well as an aftercare treatment plan. You are advised to follow the below aftercare guidelines. 

For 4 Hours post treatment: 

  • Do NOT massage or put make-up on the treated areas. 
  • Please keep your head upright and try to avoid fully laying down

For 24 Hours post treatment: 

  • Avoid strenuous activity 
  • Avoid sunbeds and saunas
  • Do not consume excessive alcohol

For the first 2 weeks:

  • Avoid facials and facial treatments such as Dermal filler, Micro needling and PRP treatment.